You are beautiful because you are unique

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In the time of social media where everyone is comparing themselves to the other, where the amount of likes and shares or " hearts' determines if you are pretty enough, popular enough, worthy enough.. In a time where everyone is striving for the " perfect" look, skin, make up, perfect smile, perfect eyebrows..
In a time where girls no longer compare themselves to magazine covers & top models but to one another,...
How do you muster up the courage to be different, to be yourself ?
There is so much pressure on young women, social media is putting high expectations on how they should dress, walk, talk, put make up on.. As if all the makeup isn't changing your appearance enough, you need photoshops and filters to distort your image even more! And this is not common among teenagers alone, grown adult women do it as well.
Everywhere you look there are tutorials on eyebrows, cheeks, highlight this highlight that.. The world has become such a shallow place. So connected to the world, yet so disconnected with yourself.
We don't need more tutorials on perfect eyebrows, or best lip color, or best concealer! We need more HUMAN !
We forget that only Allah is perfect, but each one of us is created unique in their own way. In a documentary about the World of super models, I remember a model said " Even I don't look like the way I look like on the magazine cover !" One model even protested when she saw how much her image was changed and wanted it removed from the magazine cover. When a grown woman feels the need to photo shop her own images, to use filters to create an illusion of perfect skin and flawless smile- what message does she send to her daughter who is looking up to her ?

Allah has created you to be unique and He has given you a beauty that nobody else has. There is nothing wrong with us wanting to feel and look better, enhance our beauty with some products, but keep it real. Love yourself the way you are .
At the and of the day, you have to wash off all the concealers, wipe off all the highlighters, turn off all the filters- when that's all said and done, can you still look in the mirror and truly say-
I am beautiful the way I am , I am enough?

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