About Maida

You might be wondering: "Who is Maida?"

I am just a regular busy,hard working mother,wife and hijab addict. I have worn the hijab since I was 15 years old. For the longest time I have been wearing hijabs that were locally available but very often ended up disappointed with their quality or color selections. All my life I have been very selective and careful when putting my outfits together, my friends know me for " color-coordinating " everything and being very picky about it. That wasn't always easy. The hijab selection was very slim, if I found the right color, than the fabric was either too heavy or to thin, it was too small or too big. And let me not even get started with the " under pieces' /bonnets.  That was a real pain, literally. Some of the available under pieces were so thick or itchy, or they were too tight and would cut into the skin, after 10-12 hours long day with your hijab on, you come home and see the " imprints " on your forehead! Autch!

That is WHY I decided to make my own hijabs . When I started, it was never my intention to make them to sell. It was only for my own needs and later for my daughter. My only wish was to create beautiful and comfortable hijabs for my own needs.

After very short time, friends and random people on the street would stop and compliment me . They would ask where I got my hijab from. It took more than 6 years for me to finally make the step and create my own small business.

My mission

Create beautiful hijabs and hijab accessories for the modern busy hijab wearing woman.  My products are intended to fit your daily lifestyle. With my products I want  to make  woman feel feminine and comfortable as well as unique. My hijabs are  trendy yet fulfilling the requirement of a hijab. I believe that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way.You are unique, why shouldn't your hijab be too ? Why wear something that is available on every corner in every retail store ? Or even worse, something that was mass produced in a China sweat shop ? 

What makes me different from most of the other stores out there ? 

All my hijabs are handmade by me and never imported from cheap-mass producers. I believe that quality comes before quantity.  Handmade items, designed with quality materials and lots of love- yet, very affordable.