Stunning Ombre white, gray brack sparkling turban style

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Absolutely stunning ! 

This artwork is something you will not find anywhere else because it has been exclusively handmade by Maida. From start to finish this head wear needed about 6.5 to 7 hours. You might wonder why. Each of the pleats has been individually sewn. It comes with a protective soft layer under the main piece. That protective layer serves 2 purposes.  - One is to provide additional cover- so it is not see trough, and second purpose is to go direct onto your forehead, it is softer than the outside fabric. 

This is made as " one piece " and it is very easy to wear, all you need is to tie it in the back. You can wear it open to show the longer pieces, or you can wear it as a turban/cap and hide the longer pieces. 

 If you would like to purchase it as a single item you can do so, or if you like to purchase it with one of the variants, than please select which color you like, it will come with the shawl and brooch that you choose. 

Protective layer is made of 95% Rayon 5 % Spandex.

Outside layer is 100% Polyester & glitter. 

Hand wash ONLY and it needs to be in warm soapy water, gentle wash please. As it is a unique and delicate item. Hang to dry. No ironing, no bleach. 

Handmade in USA.