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Assalamu Alaikum & Welcome

First of all, let me tell you, I am thrilled you are here.

Maida's Hijab World is not just another hijab website, it is a dream. This store is owned and operated by a woman, mother, sister, daughter, and a spouse just like yourself. My name is Maida, I am the owner, designer, and sometimes model of my brand. As a woman, I am sure you know what it feels like to have goals and dreams for yourself. I am no different. My dream is to make hijabs for the women of today. To make them feel comfortable and confident. My promise to you is that every hijab is made by me and never ordered from other places. When you purchase a Maida's Hijab, you buy something unique that is made with attention to detail and love. Each day I continue to evolve and improve with the help and support of women just like you.

Thank you for being part of a community where women support women!

Maida Hijab